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How to Conceal a Lav Mic – Quick and Easy

Even if the lapel microphone size becomes compact, some people may find it difficult to hide it in the camera. If you’re filming an interview or news channel, hiding a hidden microphone isn’t much of a problem, but in any other situation, such as in a video movie or a natural recording situation, hiding it is usually preferable or necessary. Of course, what you want is the best quality audio without any interference or no microphone in the video. Hence, if you are looking for a way to hide a hidden microphone, there are some options. Sometimes you just have to get creative to hide the lavender microphone from your view:


If you’ve never thought about the collar of the shirt your subject wears, now is the time. This is a good place to literally hide the microphone, especially if you are wearing a dark shirt. You can tuck the microphone into the collar of the talent and at the same time wind the wire behind it and tuck it into the distance. Tie the wires at the back or use an extra wire clamp, and the microphone sits nicely in the collar invisible, well positioned to secretly record high-quality sound.

Polo t-shirt

If your subject is wearing a dark polo shirt, it will be very easy to hide the toilet microphone. Polo shirts have two or three buttons, which can give you the perfect space to hide the microphone. Simply insert the microphone into the bottom buttonhole from the back, leaving only the tip of the microphone protruding. Attach the clip to the back or secure it with a small piece of tape, then you can secure it.

Alternatively, you can place the microphone in the bottom “V” of the Polo T-shirt. With just one button press, all you need to do is attach the microphone clip – no tape required.

Use a stunt shirt

This is just a jacket or shirt, you can use the front pocket to carry talented so that the inside of the microphone is placed near the top. The shirt itself has a small hole on the back of the pocket, which can lead the hidden wires to the plug-in recording or transmission device usually worn on the subject’s back or in the pants.


Even if the subject’s chest is not to be used under any circumstances, it is clear that the microphone can still be attached to the body if allowed. In fact, the chest is a good place to hide the microphone without any problem. Simply stick the microphone to the person’s chest and tap it in the correct position to secure it to the recording or transmission equipment usually attached to their belt. You can also use their undershirt or undershirt to attach the microphone to the shirt. If your subject has chest hair, this is a good idea. There is no need to remove the tape from the skin that may have multiple hairs so that they can sit back and relax. By the way, this method is the most commonly used method in film sets!


Many buds use their talents to use clothing accessories, which are also a great way to hide the microphone. Many accessories such as hats, squares, ties and scarves provide you with many good places to hide your microphone. The darker the accessory, the more likely the microphone will be hidden.

Therefore, with a little creativity and improvisation, you can now see that hiding the microphone is not difficult and time consuming, depending on the photos you want to take and the talented people, accessories or clothes, there are many options available to choose from. select. from.

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