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What Are the Different Kinds of Phone Chargers?

You may be very excited about the prospect of buying a brand new phone. In doing so, you will most likely forget to buy a suitable mobile phone charger. To perform all the necessary functions associated with it, the correct type of docking station and charger must be purchased. You need to make an informed decision and buy a good quality cell phone charger. There are different types of cell phone chargers that can serve you in different situations. These mobile phone chargers are described below.


This type of charger is the oldest form. It works by plugging the cable into the phone and then connecting it to a plug that can pick up mains power. It uses its transformer and inverter to convert the power directly from the main power source to DC power.

Car charger

The car charger uses a special socket or a cigarette lighter. This is called an auxiliary plug. Users can charge their phones on the go. The power source comes directly from the car battery. The three types of car chargers are universal chargers, fast chargers and trick current chargers.

Emergency charger

People who regularly venture into the wild use emergency chargers. Therefore, it is best suited for people who are always away from home. They don’t need a main power source. The high-quality battery is sufficient to charge the phone. However, the charging capacity of mobile phones is not strong because the DC current in the cell phone battery is stronger than the DC current in the battery.

Green charger

As people pay more and more attention to global warming and other related threats, these chargers called green chargers have emerged. There are many types of crank loaders made by manufacturers such as ElectroHifi and IST SideWinder. The crank charger can operate by simply turning the crank to provide all the power. There are also some chargers powered by solar energy, which can also be connected to the bike.

All these chargers have their own usage scenarios. Technology has reached the point where you can enjoy the benefits of more than one charger.


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