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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max : Complete Review On All Specifications


Apple iPhone 12 Pro max was released on November 13, 2020. Weighs 228g with 7.4milimeter thickness. The thickness of this device is just less than half an inch of a nail. The Pro is 5G ready & fired up with an A14 Bionic chip. You can expect the NEXT level low light photography with the built-in cameras, one is with ultra-wide-angle & the other one is with telephoto. By the way, all 03 cameras on the reverse side have the same 12-megapixel lenses with 2.5x optical zoom.

Ohh I forgot to mention the built-in TOF 3D Lidar Scanner for in-depth captures. Not even a single tiny element or movement is missed. The first-ever Dolby Vision HDR camera in a smartphone. I saw a cool tv advertisement on how it’s being used to record an action sequence & a low light dramatic scene using the pro. The Real 4K is just enhanced to the next level in the Apple iPhone 12 Pro max.

Face ID

The front selfie camera has got a 12megapixel lens with a built-in SL 3D biometrics scanner. According to Apple, it’s almost impossible for someone else to unlock your iPhone using a face that isn’t being registered with Face ID. I have attempted to unlock it with different scenarios like closing or shrinking the eyes & wearing a mask, etc. But it didn’t work out. Also, the light isn’t concerned for face unlock as it works as usual in low light.


Let’s get back to the original topic. The display of this iPhone is strengthened using a Scratch-resistant ceramic shield with oleophobic coating. The resolution of this display is 1284 X 2778 pixels. Wide color gamut has been used in this display to make the look even more realistic. The type of display is Super Retina XDR OLED HDR10, this display supports nearly 800 to 1200 nits of brightness. Also, it has a sharpness of 458 pixels per inch.


Apple iPhone 12 Pro max comes with ios 14.1 & the same could be upgraded to the latest 14.4.2 version. It’s always recommended to have the latest version of OS for optimal performance & security. This OS update mainly focused on security & supported the iPhone 6S and later. When it comes to ios, it’s purely made for apple devices. They used to consistently release updates on feature enhancements & security.

The latest A14 bionic chip is right in the core of this device. It has 70% faster ML accelerators, 16-core neural engine, 50% faster CPU (The fastest on a smartphone chip), 50% faster GPU, Best MLP (Machine Learning platform) in a smartphone, Secure Enclave, First 5 nm chip in a smart device, 11.8 Billion transistors & the neural engine could support up to 11 TRILLION operations per second. 


Apple iPhone 12 Pro max built-in with a Hexa-core CPU, this CPU contains six cores. One of the powerful processors made available inside a smartphone. It can handle gaming, multitasking & other applications so easily. The apple GPU implements a tile-based deferred rendering for better performance & efficient power management. 

When it comes to storage or memory, this device doesn’t have any external memory slot as usual. Apple has never released a smartphone with external memory. The RAM capacity of this iPhone is 6GB & the storage options are 128GB, 256GB & 512GB. The storage option starts with 128GB, which is enough for average use. 256Gb & 512GB is well enough for any user & there’s nothing to worry about the available space.


Other than Face ID, there are some other sensors available to get certain tasks done and avoid unintended touches. The accelerometer is used to identify the orientation of the device. For example, the display of the phone adjusts itself using this sensor when you rotate it. Likewise, there are some other sensors built-in to make things easy and accurate. Hey Siri ! got a new enhanced look and expanded language support with the ios 14 update.

This device has a 3687 mah Li-ion non-removable battery. Fast Charging enables 50% in 30 minutes. The standby time is more than 10 hours with 5G, Which is impressive. We have seen many other products offer bigger batteries than Apple provides, But, iPhone knows how to manage its power very efficiently without compromising the performance. 

Common Features

There are some other common features in-built as usual. This device supports 5.0 Bluetooth (The latest version of Bluetooth standard) with an advanced audio distribution profile. Please note that the file or media transfer over Bluetooth is restricted between apple devices. NFC built-in for wireless exchange of information. Wi-Fi 802.11 ac is the latest & fastest wi-fi protocol that supports up to 1300Mbps & 450Mbps on 5GhZ & 2.4 GHz bandwidth.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro max could be charged with lightning USB 2.0 or Magsafe power connector. Apple has stopped shipping power adapters, earpods & lightning cables with the box as an initiative of reducing carbon emissions. Also, the company is working on utilizing renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions. So it expects the users to use the existing lightning cable to charge the new iPhone.


Apple iPhone 12 Pro max is protected with Gorilla glass (Front & Back). Gorilla glass is being used with more than 6 billion digital devices worldwide. Speciality of this material is that it could take a hit from 1.2 meter high drops on rough surfaces & offers the best scratch resistance. Imagine the distance between your hip & floor. Also, this iPhone will survive for 30 mins under the water within 6 meters of depth with the assistance of IP68 dust/water-resistant.

The iPhone is not only protected outside. It has one of the powerful privacy policy & security measures to safeguard the user’s data. For example, Siri was programmed to learn what I need? and not who am I ?. Likewise, Apple maps don’t store location history, encrypted imessages, Safari browser prevents ad trackers. Beyond the above, technically there are so many security measures built-in to the core of ios.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro max has been released in 4 different colors. Silver, Gold, Pacific Blue & Graphite. As per the official site, the price of 128GB is $1099.00, 256GB is $1,199.00 & 512 GB is $1,399.00.  

Advantages of a Used Mobile

How does Apple make it possible to support a possible range of models to accommodate the same latest ios Updates ?

apple iPhone 12 pro max

apple iPhone 12 pro max

We need to understand one thing about all the models released by apple. The OS is the same in one & only ios from the beginning. The founder of Apple had mentioned that the “iPhone runs OS X” when he introduced the very first smartphone to the world. They called it the “iPhone”. This device is designed exclusively to adopt ios at 100%. So, they do not have to worry much even on a major OS update as it’s just an enhancement of the core. But, I assume they take serious measures & tests before releasing the updates to the applicable range.

To my understanding, they might exclude a model from getting the latest update considering a few factors. Such as the hardware compatibility, lifespan of the model, usage of the model &, etc. Please note that these are just my assumptions & not necessarily to be true. Though the update seems similar in all the iPhone models, there might be unknown minor variations between different models. If we assume the above statement is true, still I don’t think it would be easy to find out.

Also, the updates are varied according to regions. Some might get the latest OS update before the other. So, the update itself is customized to offer the best experience for different regions & users based on certain factors. So I assume that the Dev Team is well aware of its hardware & software used in almost all the iPhone models. Also, they may have plans to support the models with updates at the time of launch itself.


Note : We do not guarantee the accuracy of the above information as this review has been submitted based on analyzing different digital resources.

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