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Blockchain Technology Explained. Everything you need to know about Blockchain

Blockchain Technology Explained.

What is blockchain & How it Works ?


BC is a network of computer system-based records, that is used to record the information of transactions made in any cryptocurrency.

This is very beneficial for security purposes because it provides such a system for transactions that is impossible to hack.

It provides security by recording the information in the digital ledger. Whenever a transaction is made the information of transactions is automatically stored in multiple computer systems.

These computer systems are peer-to-peer connected to form a network blockchain is a type of DLT. (Distributed Ledger Technology) That keeps the record of transactions with an unchangeable cryptographic signature.

This cryptographic signature is known as a hash. In other words, it can be explained as, blockchain is a chain formed by linking different blocks having the same information record of cryptocurrency transactions. So whenever someone tries to hack or temper the data in one block of the chain it becomes very obvious that the data is being tempered. So, the only way for hackers to corrupt the data in the blockchain is to alter the data in each block of the blockchain. 

Why is blockchain the most disruptive technology?

How Blockchain Works?

How Blockchain Works?

It would not be wrong to say that blockchain is providing new horizons to manage trust and making organizations more transparent. The blockchain has revolutionized the technology behind bitcoin.

It has taken more time to get its well-deserved fame. It is not a surprise that blockchain is known to be the most disruptive system because it has shifted the internet system. That used to be centralized server-based to a transparent cryptographic network.  

Third-party Intermediaries are replaced by cryptology:

Have you ever thought about the process being involved behind the effortless-looking online money transfer? 

It looks so simple but the reality is far away from that. It involves the complicated process where book-keepers and accountants on each side make sure that the transfer of money is accomplished without any disorder. it is not very user-friendly and there is always a probability of unexpected and unwanted human error.

Blockchain Payment

Blockchain Payment

Blockchain technology removes all the worries because blockchain technology provides the facility with no need for intermediaries. By adopting blockchain technology, the peer-to-peer connected network algorithm will record and verify transactions transparently.

It will be done without requiring any manual verifications by banks. It reduces the chance of error as well as costs. Also, It simplifies the process by reducing the complexity of the transaction process.

Worldwide adoption of blockchain technology:

As blockchain technology is opening new horizons to manage trust so the change of attitude is being observed toward blockchain technology globally. As more and more solutions are created by the blockchain, the confidence of respondents in blockchain technology predicts that it will gain more interest from the global business community shortly.

Blockchain Acceptance

Blockchain Acceptance

The rise in Blockchain’s Technology

The most well-known (and possibly the foremost debatable) utilization of blockchain is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are digital cash (or coins) like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Luna coin.

Which will be liable to buy commodities and customer services. Like digital cash, you will use cryptocurrencies to go shopping for everything from dining to your next house.

Unlike money, crypto uses blockchain to behave as both a public record and an improved cryptographic safety structure. So online transactions are continuously verified and protected.

Up to now, there are around 6,700 cryptocurrencies within the globe, with a marketplace capitalization of nearly $ 1.6 trillion, and Bitcoin accounts for the bulk of its worth.

These tokens are extremely famous over the previous couple of times, with 1 Bitcoin costing $ 60,000.


Here are the number of the purposes why the majority are rapidly listening to cryptocurrencies:

Blockchain’s safety makes stealing much tougher since each cryptocurrency has its proven identifiable number that is assigned to at least one vendor.

  • Cryptography lowers the need for specific currencies and central banks-blockchains send cryptocurrencies to anybody everywhere within the globe without exchanging currencies or intruding with central banks. I can roll in the grass.
  • More and more big enterprises are advancing the idea of blockchain-based digital money for expenses. In February 2021, Tesla prominently revealed that it might buy $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin and take it as a car payment.

Three revolutionary generations of blockchain:

As we all are familiar with the three generations of the web, in a similar way the blockchain technology has also been evolved. One might be interested to know how this technology has developed over time and where it might be heading in near future.




Bitcoins and digital currencies were the 1st generation of blockchain technology. The early stage of the bitcoin was a public ledge that supported the cryptocurrency network.

In the first generation, the blocks were linked together through a complicated process that utilized cryptographic verification. In this way an unchangeable chain was formed.

Initially, it was used for simple documentation of the transaction. But over time, the developers got an idea that this blockchain technology could be utilized to do much more than that. In this way, the second generation of blockchain technology came into being.

Second generation:

The second generation of blockchain is represented by Ethereum. The idea of Ethereum was based on smart contracts.

Smart contracts are contracts that don’t require any monitoring process. They are self-managed by the assistance of blockchain technology.

As these contracts are self-managed so they are automatically adjusted by events. These events may include the expiration of the contract, achievement of target, etc.

Third generation:

The issue faced in blockchain technology is scaling one of the major problems faced in the transaction of bitcoin was its processing time.

Although many digital currencies have been trying to overcome the issue in the previous generations of blockchain, none has been completely successful in any such attempt. So one of the features that the future blockchain technology is supposed to be having must have something to do with scalability.

It is difficult to know what exactly the future of blockchain technology holds for us. But it might not be wrong to assume that blockchain technology will continue to grow and unfold new horizons.




What is Blockchain?

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