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Home » Android 12 Updates : Everything you need to know about the new big update

Android 12 Updates : Everything you need to know about the new big update

Android 12

The version 12 seems to have the biggest design changes in the history of Android. Also, the outcome of this UI is going to be more expressive, dynamic & personal. This starts with the wallpaper you choose as the UI will be extracting the dominant color of the wallpaper & apply across all interfaces.

Android 12

Android 12

This update emphasizes a lot on “ A Major Redesign” of GUIs.(Graphical User Interface)

  • Color Changing User Interface
  • The Color Extraction Api extracts the colors from the Wallpaper & applies to the user Interface. “Matching ! Matching”
  • Notification panel redesigned : Turn off the Mic and Camera for all apps
  • Layout Changes
  • Quick Settings : Control of entire OS with a Swipe and Tap
  • New Widgets
  • Lock Screen : New Look
  • Better Power & CPU Performance 
  • Privacy Dashboard
  • An indicator to show whether the Mic or Camera is accessed by any app
Privacy Dashboard

Privacy Dashboard

As per the above hints, The UI we’re gonna look at may be constantly changing according to apps, the color extraction might work as a theme where we may see the same color across all the UIs. Even the notification panel & widgets may replicate the same color of the wallpaper. We could expect thousands of layout changes with the new update. Also, the performance & power efficiency may be enhanced at the OS level. The new Privacy dashboard might reveal which apps are using your permissions & when. For instance, the video call might access your camera & mic, Uber drive might access your location services.

You can get more info about this in the official website. Check it out 12 Updates

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