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Microsoft Moves To Passwordless Future : All You Need To Know To go passwordless



How many passwords do you have or use? Do you remember all of them? Do you use an analog method to store passwords? Such as writing it in a diary or book to refer to when needed. There are some applications available to store credentials, are those trustworthy? Do you have a habit of allowing a web browser to store your password? How many of us have the ATM Pin no under the phone contact list? Do you use the default credential manager to save the passwords on a smartphone?

That’s a lot of questions. Every individual has various types of answers for them. We’re living in a digital era, where everything you access on the digital platform requires strong authentication. Like it or not, it became mandatory. Single password authentication is becoming obsolete day to day & the system providers insist their users have at least two-factor authentication for security purposes.


Platforms like Google, Facebook, yahoo ask their users to verify the login using a mobile app, SMS OTP, or email code to ensure secure login. Furthermore, the payment card industry has taken this initiative to prevent online fraudulent transactions. We only need a card number, expiry date & CVC no (3 digits no printer near the signature area on a card) to perform an online transaction. Due to the increased risk, payment card providers have introduced an OTP mechanism to make it more secure.

Let’s dive into today’s topic. Microsoft moves to a passwordless future for the Microsoft account. The primary reason for this action is to get rid of complex passwords. It’s not just about remembering them, moreover, it needs to be changed over a period of time, the password conditions must be met when changing the same. So it’s very difficult to store passwords with such difficulties. Let’s see what alternative Microsoft brings to solve this problem.

Alternatives to Eliminate Password

As the first step, Microsoft completely removed the password from our Microsoft account. This account is used to sign in to pc or laptop & many other services provided by Microsoft. If the password isn’t available, how will the authentication take place? Well, Microsoft provides its authentication modules to replace it with passwords.

  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Windows Hello
  • Security key
  • Verification Code that could be sent to phone or email

Let’s have a look at one of the options provided by MS to eliminate passwords.  Msoft Moves to passwordless Future

Microsoft Authenticator


This app will assist us to sign in to our accounts more securely using two-factor verification methods. The Multifactor authentication mechanism helps the users to access their accounts securely as passwords could be forgotten, stolen, or compromised. This two-factor verification mechanism will make it difficult for anyone to break into your account. Now, this app could be used to authenticate your Microsoft Account Login. 

How to go passwordless with your Microsoft Account

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