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The Search Engine that changed the way we search

Search Engine that changed the way we search.

What is a Search Engine ? This is a system that is designed to perform web searches. In simple terms, this system help the users to find information online using their preferred language.

Search EngineSearch Engine


We usually use keywords or phrases to find the required info .




How do search engines work? Initially, they inspect all the available URLs & store what they found & next it begins to index the content to easy identification purposes. Finally, they rank those content according to the relevancy. For instance, when we search for “water”, it brings the most relevant answer in the top.

Sometimes, when you initiate a search, you might have seen some results similar to the below.

Google Ads

Google Ads


If you see “Ad” at the beginning of a search result, that means that organization has paid an advertisement fee to Google to show their website for the relevant Keywords. As most of us prefer to look at the first result, there’s a high possibility to choose that first one. However, the bid for top result is considerably very high & highly competitive. Google Ads

This is a very basic overview of how the search engine works & this post will continue to update in the upcoming days. You can leave your suggestions/opinions on the comments section.


Search Engine that changed the way we search

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