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Investing in Cryptocurrencies : Explained in a simple way

Investing in Cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds of Cryptocurrencies available in the market other than Bitcoin. Before you invest in Crypto, please note that this market is very volatile.

This means that the price of the Crypto currency go way higher or lower at any moment. So it’s highly recommended to invest an amount that you can risk of losing. However, in reality many of the investors or risk takers have won the battle in this Highly changing market.

History of Bitcoin

The price of 1 bitcoin in 2009 was 500 USD & today (2022) the value of 1 bitcoin is 40,000 USD. This is a classic example to assess the benefit in investing a considerable amount of funds to this market. There are 600+ crypto currencies available for us to choose and invest.

History of Bitcoin

History of Bitcoin

Starting to invest in Crypto is Easy

Investing in Cryptocurrencies isn’t complex process at all as you can simply download an App in your smartphone & start trading. There are many crypto exchange platform available and I’ve tried Coinbase & Binance.

We can download this Apps from play store & register for FREE. In order to purchase cryptos, you must go through basic KYC procedures. Such as your photo, proof of identification & mobile number.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies - Binance

Investing in Cryptocurrencies – Binance

Once you’ve uploaded or provided the required details, they will verify the details & activate your account to start trading. Before you invest, you can research about the present trend, future expectation & more through platforms like Quora : Bitcoin or you can follow crypto experts in YouTube.

If you do not have any idea about blockchain, you may checkout the basics in this post. Blockchain

There are numerous ways to purchase Crypto currencies & there are ways to mine cryptos by solving puzzles using computer systems. Few of them are available to mine using smart phone. Checkout the following post Pi Coin to mine Pi coin which has millions of pioneers and yet to publish to the market.

Those who have invested in cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin are making good profits by investing in Cryptos. If you’re reading this post using your Smartphone or PC, follow this link to get registered to Binance for FREE & start investing.

Good Luck.

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