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What Is Quick Assist? Everything You Need To Know

What is Quick Assist?

Quick assist is an app that supports remote assistance over a network. For instance, Let’s assume that one of your friends is experiencing an error with his personal computer or Laptop. He requires your help. So you can access his device over the Internet using this Remote Desktop Assistant app & assist him/her to resolve the issue. This App is available to all the Windows 10 users & both devices must have internet connectivity to communicate.

Quick Assist Assistance

Quick Assist Assistance

Security Code Generation

This link Windows Quick Assist shows how to launch Quick Assist & offer assistance to another user.

Basically, the user who requires it will have to launch the app & request the code from the person who is going to connect to his pc.

On the other side, the user who is willing to offer assistance will have to generate a code & share it with the other to initiate remote connectivity.

As the Final step, the requester needs to approve the incoming connection.

 Code Generation

Code Generation

QA Requirements

Other than having Windows 10 operating system & Internet connectivity, the assistant must have a Microsoft account to offer assistance to anyone. To simply put, if you have an Outlook email account, you can Sign-in to the App using the same credentials. If you do not have , then you can create one for Free. I assume this Sign-in process is required to identify the person or user who offered assistance.

Before the implementation of this app, many IT professionals & business users have used an Application called “Anydesk” , which offers something similar to this same App. This App was offered for free for personal use & it has a paid version too. After the introduction of this native app, many would prefer to use the in-built Quick Assist App & those who feel the Microsoft Login as a hassle may continue to use the “Anydesk” App.

There can be some other Apps on the web, which may serve the same purpose. Please comment if there’s any. You may find further info on How to use Quick Assist in the above link.


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