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What’s New on Windows? Latest updates & features you need to know

What’s New on Windows?

Export Word documents to PowerPoint presentations
Microsoft Presentations

Microsoft Presentations

o365 Word has an inbuilt feature to transform a Word document to Presentation. The above link shows the way it can be done. You can start accessing 0365 office applications for Free by accessing Office.

A user must have a Microsoft account to avail the features. You can choose the preferred PowerPoint theme in the Word document & choose the appropriate one for your assignment or project.


What’s New on Windows?

Create a team with team templates
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is another application that comes under Microsoft 365 products. This App has been introduced for Online meetings, chat, video call, play videos and more.

Further, users can share their screen or presentation through a meeting & discuss together.

Applications like Teams, zoom were utilized more than ever during the pandemic & the practice of using the same continues even after it.

Some of the government and private educational organizations started conducting online classes. You can check out the way to create a Team using team templates from this Link.


What’s New on Windows?

What is Bookings?
Microsoft Booking

Microsoft Booking

Bookings is a functionality of Teams App. This feature will assist you to track, manage your team’s schedules, appointments and Calendars in one place.

You can easily create meetings using this option & add your team members to it. Once the meeting is confirmed, they will get a notification to their inbox & the scheduled event will be recorded in their calendars.

When a meeting is created, the organizer can generate a link to invite any others who may not be a member of the team by sending that link. To explore more check out the above link.

All the above features were categorized under What’s New : Remote workers category in the
official Microsoft Support Site Microsoft Support

You may visit this support site to gain more knowledge on Windows products & find solutions to related issues.

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