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MacOS Monterey Problems : Things You Need To Know

MacOS Monterey

Before get into MacOS Monterey problems. Let’s see the overview of this version update.

MacOS Monterey is the present version of Apple’s desktop operating system. This update
includes new features such as Universal control, Quick Note, Live text, Focus, Low power mode, tab groups and several major bug fixes. Further, the spatial audio support in Facetime call, Wide Spectrum sound mode, new share play feature, shortcuts app, an interactive globe in the Apple maps are also included in this OS release. MacOS Monterey
MacOS MontereyMacOS Monterey

When it comes to Security, This update has Two major security updates. You may explore the same using the provided Security. Please refer the following web link to checkout all the Security patches/updates that brought up with the MacOS Monterey 12.3. Security Patches

MacOS Monterey problems
MacOS Monterey Issues

MacOS Monterey Issues

Though the new update contained a lot of new features & bug fixes, there were some general issues reported by its users. Downloading & proceeding with the installation itself have some issues, such as Slowness in loading, installation gets hanged, excessive time consumption for downloads. Apart from that some 3rd party applications have issues, issues with Touch ID, Wireless communication problems & etc.

The following questions & problems were raised in the official Apple community with regard to the issues experienced by the users in relation to MacOS Monterey.

  • Bluetooth connection issues
  • Unable to update MacOS
  • Possibilities of losing data when updating to Monterey
  • External monitor display issue
  • Unable to delete messages in Mail
  • Increased level of battery drain
  • MS Outlook Sync issues

According to some Apple communities, a new operating system update is on the way to resolve the issues raised in this Update. As a solution to these issues, some have recommended rolling back to the firmware. However, the upcoming update will  address the issues encountered in this update.

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