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Best Frameworks for Web Development

Best Frameworks for Web Development

Web development is an ever-evolving field that constantly demands new skills and technologies to stay competitive. In this era of digital transformation, companies across industries are looking for ways to leverage emerging technologies to remain agile and lead the digital transformation. To execute digital strategy effectively, businesses need a modern and integrated end-to-end framework that caters to their specific needs. This article might help you understand

  • what a framework is ?
  • how it can help you get organized as a developer, and most importantly ?
  • which one is the best for your needs as a developer?
Best Frameworks for Web Development

Best Frameworks for Web Development

What is a Framework?

  • A framework is a collection of tools and resources that support developers to build websites faster and create robust applications.
  • They offer predesigned templates and standardized structures that can be applied or modified to develop website.
  • Frameworks help developers to increase their productivity, save time and enhance the quality of their work.
  • A web developer’s job could be eased using these powerful tools

What are the Types of Web Development Frameworks?

Types of Web Development Frameworks

Types of Web Development Frameworks

  1. Front end
  2. Backend

Front end is what a business user sees as the system. It’s the look and feel of the website. For instance, Login page, Home page, Navigational Menu & all graphical designs of a website. Developers usually use HTML, CSS and Javascript to design the UI (User Interface).

However, it’s not just about the appearance, apart from that they are some critical aspects to be fulfilled. One of the important factor is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This SEO plays the vital part in bringing visitors the website & keep the same in top or in the first page of Google search result.

Backend is something that a generic user will never see and it’s responsible for the functionality of the responsibility. For example, when you click the login button after entering username & password, it knows what to do & where to take you. If your credentials are correct, then you will login to website or it prompts wrong username or password.

Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python are some of the languages that will be used to Programme that backend of a web application.


Why use a Framework?

  • A developer doesn’t have to start from scratch as a Framework has many standard templates that could be used or modified as per the requirement.
  • Almost every framework has a strong developers community who will respond to problems that may arise when using the same.
  • It reduces the length of the code that has to be programmed. Which minimizes the effort and time in the overall development process. Further, it provide some features to automate certain routine tasks like URL mapping, authentication, session management and more.
  • Some of the Framework standards provide data integration and includes Object Relational Mapping engine. They are very useful in performing database functions with minimum SQL codes.
  • Frameworks come with built-in security features and methodologies to protect a website from present and future security risks.


Best Frameworks for Web Development

  1. Angular
  2. Vue.js
  3. React
  4. Ember
  5. Django
  6. Ruby on Rails
  7. Laravel
  8. Express
  9. Meteor
  10. Spring
  11. CodeIgniter
  12. Flask
Frameworks for Web Development

Frameworks for Web Development


  • This is one of the leading framework used by a large number of web developers.
  • Ability to build powerful Web applications in large scale with high performance and easy maintenance.
  • The latest version of Angular 13.1.1
  • Angular is written in TypeScript.
  • Free and open-source framework developed by Angular team at Google.
  • Recommended for Single Page Applications.
  • Supports the MVC architecture.
  • Websites using Angular are Netflix, PayPal, Upwork, Xbox, etc.
  • Learn more Angular



  • Vue is another popular web framework & primarily used for single-page applications and user interfaces for web apps.
  • Supports both Desktop and Mobile App development.
  • The latest version of Vue is 3.2.36
  • This is an open-source model-view-viewmodel front end JavaScript framework.
  • Vue is easy to use and learn and 3rd party integration is also made easy.
  • Lightweight, flexible and highly effective.
  • Websites using Vue.js are Font Awesome, Gitlab, Laracast, Yousign, etc.
  • Learn more Vue.js



  • React is a Javascript library for building user interfaces & mostly used to develop single-page applications.
  • React supports to create reusable UI components.
  • Support for mobile Application developments.
  • Easy to integrate with other libraries.
  • This is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library & maintained by Meta and a community of individual developers.
  • The latest version of React is 18.1.0
  • Websites using React are Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Yahoo Mail, etc.
  • Learn more React



  • Ember.js is a productive Javascript framework for building web applications.
  • Fully responsive UIs that work on any device.
  • Ember possesses two-way data binding and it’s a component-based framework.
  • This is an open-source JavaScript web framework.
  • Ember has some of the best practices of JS in its core design, which eliminates unnecessary time consuming activities.
  • The latest version of Ember.js is 4.3.0
  • Websites using Ember are Netflix, Heroku, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Learn more Ember.Js



  • Django is a Python based web framework, which follows the model-template-views architectural design.
  • This is a free and open-source framework maintained by the Django software foundation.
  • This framework allows rapid development of secure websites.
  • A developer may need a strong basic knowledge in Python to learn Django.
  • This Framework could be utilized for full-stack web app & server development.
  • Django has a built-in system to protect from any security failure.
  • The latest version of Django is 4.0.5
  • Websites using Django are Instagram, Mozilla, Pinterest, Spotify & etc.
  • Learn more Django


Ruby on Rails

  • Ruby on Rails, or Rails is a full-stack server-side web application framework.
  • Rails offer a structure for all the coding & simplifies generic repetitive tasks.
  • Rails is a model-view-controller framework & provides default structures for a web service, database & web pages.
  • Ruby on Rails is easy to learn.
  • Using this framework will be cost effective, time-efficient & highly scalable.
  • Has the capability run its own set of tests on the code.
  • The latest version of Rails is 7.0. 2
  • Websites using Rails are Shoppify, GitHub, Hulu, Basecamp, etc.
  • Learn more Rails



  • Laravel is designed for the development of web apps following model-view-controller pattern.
  • This is a PHP web application framework.
  • It’s free & open-source web framework
  • Laravel eases the common tasks, such as authentication, sessions, routing & caching.
  • Laravel is easy to learn & dozens of free tutorials available.
  • This is a full-structured PHP framework.
  • Laravel is recommended for complex web apps, backend systems & large e-commerce websites.
  • Has the best object-relational mapper & it allows a developer to easily interact with database objects & relationships using expressive syntax.
  • The latest version of Laravel is 9
  • Websites using Laravel are Invoice Ninja, Laracast, nicesnippets, etc.
  • Learn more Laravel



  • Express.js or just Express, is a web application framework for Node.js.
  • Designed for building web applications, Mobile apps and APIs.
  • Could be used to design single page, multipage & hybrid web application.
  • It’s free & open-source web framework
  • Express Js uses Javascript & it’s easy to learn.
  • This framework is considered as one of the best Backend frameworks.
  • The latest version of Express is 4.18.0
  • Websites using Express are Unsplash, PayPal, Atlassian, Coursera, etc.
  • Learn more ExpressJs



  • Meteor or Meteor Js is a framework that provides a simpler mechanism to build real-time mobile & web apps.
  • It enables a cross-platform to code Web, Android & iOS programming languages.
  • It’s free & open-source framework for web, mobile & desktop.
  • This platform is a value addition for any developer’s portfolio.
  • Since Meteor is a Javascript framework, a basic knowledge is JS & HTML is required to learn the same.
  • The latest version of Meteor is 2.7.3.
  • Websites using Meteor are Favro, iq-research, atmospherejs, etc.
  • Learn more Meteor



  • Spring is model-view-controller framework that uses Java.
  • Assists to build portable, fast & flexible JVM-based applications.
  • Spring’s core features could be used by any Java application.
  • This is an open-source application framework that provides infrastructure support to develop Java applications.
  • Spring makes coding Java easier & quicker for the developers & considered as the most popular Java framework due its productivity.
  • The latest version of Spring is 5.3.20
  • Companies using Spring are Udemy, trivago, Cred, Walmart,  etc.
  • Learn more Spring



  • CodeIgniter is an open-source rapid development web framework.
  • This is a toolkit for the developers who build websites using PHP.
  • CodeIgniter is easy to learn for beginners.
  • The latest version of CodeIgniter is 4.
  • Companies using CodeIgniter are Accenture, Ola, Zendesk, etc.
  • Learn more CodeIgniter



  • Flask is a micro web framework developed using Python.
  • This is a lightweight Python web framework  that provides powerful tools and features to build web apps easier using Python.
  • Flask has some standard functionalities & allows developers add unlimited number of libraries & plugins for extension.
  • Flask is considered as one of the easiest microframework to learn in Python.
  • The latest version of  Flask is 2.0
  • Websites using Flask are Netflix, reddit. Lyft, Airbnb, etc.
  • Learn more Flask



Best Frameworks for Web Development



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