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Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

The new Apple watch series 8 is considered as more powerful and brought up with some advanced new features. Such as temperature sensor for deeper insights of women’s health, Emergency crash detection, Sleep stages to learn about your sleep, enhanced workout app and focused more on human health.

This device has a big wide Always-on display with narrow borders. Further, it’s one of Toughest one, which has more resistant to get cracked. It’s Crack Resistant, Dust resistant & Water resistant. IP6X certified dust resistant & Swim proof with WR50 water resistance.

This devices is built with advanced health sensors make you aware of your health conditions more than ever before. This will provide you deep insights to help you understand your health. Moreover, the new temperature sensing tracks your temperature to understand the changes over a period of time.  Apple watch ultra have 02 sensors to detect your temperature & it will keep sampling every 05 seconds. Apart from that the improved design increases the accuracy by minimizing bias from external environment.

The sleep app detects & gathers detailed information about your sleep. It doesn’t stop just tracking your sleep, it tracks the time you had deep sleep, core, REM & when might you have woken up. Further, it’s capable of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. This is one of the basic diagnostic tests used in emergency units & medical services.  Measuring the blood level in Oxygen is another great innovation that would provide you the level blood oxygen.

For your safety, it has 256Gs High g-force accelerometer to detect Car crash & the advanced sensor-fusion algorithm trained with 1 million hours of real-world driving and crash data to make it more accurate. All detection is another feature, that helps you to connect with emergency services if you’ve taken a hard fall & you’re immobile.

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Apple Watch Series 8

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