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what is 5g

what is 5G

In simple words, we can define 5G as the upgraded version of 4G which will be able to provide us many benefits over 4G, which is the most recent fastest communication standard. There are so many things that make 5G so special, the most prominent features that make it special are:

This will be able to provide us a speed of 20 gigabits per second, but how can it provide such a high speed of data delivery? The answer is that such remarkable speed is attained by using a high-frequency spectrum of radio waves. It is interesting to note that it uses not only one but 3 frequency bands, that is low, medium, and high. The reason behind that is to provide a wide service that is not possible by using only higher frequency because the useful physical range of higher frequency radio waves is short.

Many people perceive that high speed is the most important benefit that 5G provides, but it overcomes the challenge much more critical than the speed, that is the lower latency rate. Latency refers to the communication delay, that is the time delay between the message delivery and receiving a corresponding response. This Technology provides a low latency rate that is going to open new horizons in the future world.

The infrastructure of wireless communication will be changed remarkably. 5G is going to revolutionize the traditional ways of wireless communication. The traditional way of implementing a distributed antenna system will be completely changed. This utilizes the 5G- ready digital distributed radio system.

what is 5G